Blue Jays: Yangervis 索拉特 overcame devastating tragedy in 2016

多伦多蓝鸟队的最新成员战胜了毁灭性的,改变生活的 在2016年的悲剧中,他的妻子悲惨地失去了与癌症的斗争。

Yangervis 索拉特 是一名战士,是场上和场下的站立式人,’t know what the word quit means. The native of Venezuela 和 father of three daughters has played 681 games in the minor league ranks, however, nothing could have prepared 索拉特 for what he would endure in September of 2016.


索拉特 would leave the Padres leading up to his wife’死于照顾孩子的母亲’的门。她去世一周后, 索拉特 returned to the game he had grown 爱,以使自己的生活恢复常态。

“一切都是为了她” 索拉特 said. “她总是告诉我无论她去世还是去世’t die, I can’不要再玩了。因为我为自己设定的所有目标都是为了我们的女儿,所以我必须能够确保他们的未来。所以无论发生什么,(她说)我都需要继续比赛。”

It is truly remarkable to think about what 索拉特 has overcome in his personal life 和 still been able to remain a productive player 和 great teammate through it all. It is really a testament to his character 和 the type of the person the Blue Jays just acquired 是terday in exchange for 爱德华·奥利瓦雷斯(Edward Olivares)贾里德·卡库夫(Jared Carkuff).

General Manager Ross Atkins spoke about the versatilyt that 索拉特 privides the Jays as well about the great reputation 索拉特 has in the clubhouse. See full conversation from the GM below:

I have a feeling 索拉特 will instantly become a fan favourite with the Blue Jays faithful north of the border 和 for good reason.